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The Most Popular Firearms Vault Models in 2015

When it comes to gun safes there is always room for improvement, manufacturers in 2015 are pushing the limits of safety by producing more reliable gun safes which are both portable, lightweight and more difficult to break into than ever before. Here are some reasonable and truly staggering gun safes that you could use in your home, your car or even for transport in 2015.

Gunvault car safe: the portable NV200 nanovault is the ultimate transportation gun lock. It comes with a key lock as well as a number of compartments that you can use for holding a handgun. It has plenty of space and the key is also very easy to access. You can hold any number of things inside your car or even just use it as a go to lockbox for taking your gun between home and the range. The MV500 STD is a new model for 2015 that features biometric technology. Getting your gun is even simpler and will require the touch of one of your fingerprints to instantly unlock the safe. This means that you could easily reach for your gun in an emergency situation or have access to a hand gun that kept under lock and only accessible by your own fingerprints. Both of these models are available for under $300 and the biometric version just seems like an excellent way that you can have quick access without a key.

Gunvault speedvault: in another excellent handgun solution we find the SVB500 gunvault. This is another biometric gun vault that’s available for less than $150. This is a perfect way to secure a handgun in a home office or even mounted to a shelf. Made of 18gauge steel if it’s handguns up to 1911 size and even has a backup override key. The drawer drops down very quickly and gives you instant access to your weapon. This means that you can always have access to a handgun close by and with a secure safe only you can unlock. The lock is very easy to operate and the reader is fast. This is a gun safe that’s quick to access but also very secure and reasonable.

Mesa safe company: MBF6032 is a model from the Mesa safe company that is sold over Although it’s around $1300 it’s perhaps one of the most secure gun safes capable of holding up to 30 guns. This is the perfect safe for any serious gun enthusiast and you can keep a large amount of firearms inside. Although it might seem a bit on the expensive side is one of the greatest and most highly rated safes available on the market today and it comes with a comprehensive warranty. There also aren’t too many gun safes available that can house up to 30 guns safely making this the perfect option for avid hunters or rifle collectors.

Armsec BF7240: this is the ultimate for protecting your guns as well as securing them. These are stylish but also rather expensive firearms vaults but they also ensure that your guns can survive anything including a house fire. With 1.5 inch diameter bolts and an inner lining is really keep all of your valuables and rifles safe and dry for storage through anything. These are safes that have been tested with 120 min. fire protection at well over 1200°. Armsec has long been known for producing the Cadillac of firearms safes and this is one of the best models that they have available in 2015.