New Firearms Tech Gear to Get You Fired Up in 2015

Firearms technology is improving across the board and with so many new technological advances it seems as though the nature of hunting and target shooting has changed dramatically. Here is a rundown of some of the best new firearms technology coming in 2015.

Smart scope technology: a new start up this year has actually produced a digital scope capable of helping even amateur shooters take out targets at nearly 1000 yards away. Although this digital scope retails for well over $25,000 and is still in its experimental phases it shows real promise in helping introduce people into long-range shooting with ease.

Glock universal optics mounts: getting a slide cut for mounting an optics system on a pistol can be very expensive and also a big hassle. Rather than risk your own safety or have to go to extra hassle and expense, Glock has produced a special universal optics mount that claims to be one of the lowest bore axis mounts in the industry. By installing this mount onto your handguns you can get access to red dot sights and better accuracy on nearly any gotten without having to do any machining or cutting to your weapons.

Pro Mag Rollermag: the new roller mag is a different style magazine that reduces friction and helps any magazine operate much more smoothly. Roller mag will debut in March and be available for around $20. The magazine body ensures that any anti-tilt follower will roll smoothly without contact with the body of a weapon. This ensures less jamming, less friction and less problems.

Smart phone interface infrared scopes: Armasight is now producing several scopes including the Zues and Apollo thermal imaging scopes that produce a decent resolution and a Bluetooth interface that work on most smart phones. This means that you can actually line up shots on your smart phone or scope targets over long distances with the help of another spotter. The site operates on AA batteries making it easy to power too.

Howa Mini action rifles: generally action in rifles is sorted between long action in short action. Legacy sports has produced the howa mini action rifles. This ensures a 12% shorter action than most short action rifles. They are also reduced in weight for easy carrying. Currently they are only available with .223 Remington and .204 ruger but they have suggested that additional calipers will be released later this year. At around $600 for the non-scoped version and 855 for the heavy barrel and Panamax scoped version, if you like a quick cycle low action rifle this could be just what you are looking for in 2050.

Truglo TFO sights: for fiber-optic sights there really isn’t an easier one to pick up on the market today. These fiber-optic illuminated sites are easy to pick up even in extremely low light situations. They are self-illuminated and feature a high visibility white ring, bright fiber optic sights and are displayed in nearly indestructible container that is affected by chemicals, oils and more. They are compact, light and extremely visible. These are the perfect sights you can use with any handgun in low light for amazing target acquisition.