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New Optics Technology for Firearms: New Models & Tech

Sorry for the picture, but I couldn’t resist.

While we aren’t quite there to Star Wars Technology just yet, rifle scopes have changed considerably over the past few years and there are a number of big changes coming this year.

While there have been a number of great gun shows even just in January of this year it seems as though there is a lot of great tech coming to the light for gun enthusiasts and 2015. Here is a rundown of some of the best new cool rifle scope technology for the year.

Tracking point “smart gun” scope: shooting targets and 1000 yards away seems like something that is nearly impossible. While some of the most experienced shooters using some of the world’s best gear can accomplish this feat this is something that’s pretty much impossible for any amateur even using some of the best manual optics today. Tracking point is a new start up that is producing a gun scope that lets an inexperienced shooter hit a target at this distance. The biggest catch however is that the technology costs well over $25,000 and is only available for just a few rifles. What the tracking point scope does is take into account nearly everything that inexperienced shooter would have to including the wind, distance to target, ammunition and rifle specifications and then using advanced algorithms help you to place your shots right on target with up to 1000 yard accuracy. This is some very cool but also very expensive scope technology that can turn amateur shooters into experts in minutes. Continue reading

New Firearms Tech Gear to Get You Fired Up in 2015

Firearms technology is improving across the board and with so many new technological advances it seems as though the nature of hunting and target shooting has changed dramatically. Here is a rundown of some of the best new firearms technology coming in 2015.

Smart scope technology: a new start up this year has actually produced a digital scope capable of helping even amateur shooters take out targets at nearly 1000 yards away. Although this digital scope retails for well over $25,000 and is still in its experimental phases it shows real promise in helping introduce people into long-range shooting with ease.

Glock universal optics mounts: getting a slide cut for mounting an optics system on a pistol can be very expensive and also a big hassle. Rather than risk your own safety or have to go to extra hassle and expense, Glock has produced a special universal optics mount that claims to be one of the lowest bore axis mounts in the industry. By installing this mount onto your handguns you can get access to red dot sights and better accuracy on nearly any gotten without having to do any machining or cutting to your weapons.

Pro Mag Rollermag: the new roller mag is a different style magazine that reduces friction and helps any magazine operate much more smoothly. Roller mag will debut in March and be available for around $20. The magazine body ensures that any anti-tilt follower will roll smoothly without contact with the body of a weapon. This ensures less jamming, less friction and less problems. Continue reading