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New Optics Technology for Firearms: New Models & Tech

Sorry for the picture, but I couldn’t resist.

While we aren’t quite there to Star Wars Technology just yet, rifle scopes have changed considerably over the past few years and there are a number of big changes coming this year.

While there have been a number of great gun shows even just in January of this year it seems as though there is a lot of great tech coming to the light for gun enthusiasts and 2015. Here is a rundown of some of the best new cool rifle scope technology for the year.

Tracking point “smart gun” scope: shooting targets and 1000 yards away seems like something that is nearly impossible. While some of the most experienced shooters using some of the world’s best gear can accomplish this feat this is something that’s pretty much impossible for any amateur even using some of the best manual optics today. Tracking point is a new start up that is producing a gun scope that lets an inexperienced shooter hit a target at this distance. The biggest catch however is that the technology costs well over $25,000 and is only available for just a few rifles. What the tracking point scope does is take into account nearly everything that inexperienced shooter would have to including the wind, distance to target, ammunition and rifle specifications and then using advanced algorithms help you to place your shots right on target with up to 1000 yard accuracy. This is some very cool but also very expensive scope technology that can turn amateur shooters into experts in minutes.

The vortex Eagle strike rifle scope: this 1-6×24 rifle scope is extremely reasonable and in many cases similar scopes of this design go for well over $1000. This is been one of the most talked about scopes by gun enthusiasts so far this year. It comes complete with a VIP warranty and for around $400. Starting with a true one-time power scope it easy to quickly acquire targets at close ranges as well as center in on targets from 100 to 600 yards away. There isn’t a competitor’s product that is under $500 they can offer the same level of optic power and unbelievable warranty as this rifle scope. It really is a must have and the company plans on launching several variants later on this year.

D-evo weapon sighting: for one of the most amazing optics experiences you will ever have, you need to try this dual enhanced view optic. You get both a 6×20 mm fixed power scope and a red dot sight in one optic device. This is one of the first of its kind and you get access to a 1x and 6x image simultaneously that shares the same point of impact. There’s no need to shift any offset optic, zoom a scope or make adjustments either, the scope sets itself up by pupil movement. This means that all you need to do is focus on your target and both targets will line up at the point of impact delivering explosive accuracy with very little adjustment. You get the best of both worlds from the manufacturer Leupold. Even the most experienced shooters are walking away after a trial with a huge smile of how efficient and accurate this technology is.