The AR-15 Bullet Ban is off the menu, for now….

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In a big win for most AR 15 enthusiasts, the bullet ban that was proposed by the ATF has been taken off the menu for the time being.  This was a big win for most firearms supporters and in my opinion was a big win in general.  There were over 80,000 responses according to who cited the Washignton Times as the source.  Obviously it is hard to keep people that are extremely passionate about their firearms (as most Americans should be) from being down in the long run.

The AR 15 is one of the most popular rifles in the United States.  It’s very possible that it will surpass the 22 rifle as the most purchased rifle as long as tactical style rifles are permitted in the US.  Most firearms manufacturers that produce AR 15 style rifles breathed a huge sigh of relief when the ATF announced that they were putting on the brakes.  I’d say that it’s safe to consider that same sigh was being let out by companies that specialize in manufacturing AR-15 accessories (See a full list of the top rifle scope manufacturers that produce AR 15 Optics by checking out the comparison guide here) as well as almost every ammunition manufacturer on the market.

I think it’s going to be a very long time before we start to see the beloved AR-15 go by the wayside.  There is just too much support out there in the U.S. for this rifle.  It makes up for almost 1/3rd of the overall rifle sales on the market today, and that doesn’t include the potential variations of the same rifle in different calibers.  Once you start branching out into .308’s for the AR-10 and others, you can start to see the bigger picture that there is just way too much support for these firearms right now to ever consider them being pulled back.

I would expect to see that there is going to be some push back from the left side of the house and that we may see this ban come back into play sometime in the future.  This is why we need to start considering getting someone from the right side of the political sphere into Office as soon as possible so we can stop seeing these headlines and get back to life as normal.  There’s been too much talk the last few years of adding additional firearms restrictions and limiting the rights of American Citizens.  We shouldn’t be penalized for gun owners that are less than responsible and do not focus on doing the right things by society.

I’ll continue shooting the AR-15 and continue to beef up the contents of my safe.  Hopefully you will do the same and not get too worried about impending regulations.  One thing is for absolute certain and that is that firearms are here to stay for the long haul.  The tighter we get squeezed, the more we need to start banding together.