Thanks for taking the time to stop buy gunpowderandlead.org.  This site is pretty much dedicated to my own musings on everything to do with firearms.  I love guns, always have and just love to write about all things related to firearms.

Growing up, we always had guns around our house and I got used to shooting at an early age.  I’ve always been eager to share my thoughts with my friends on the best firearms gear and I’m now hoping to pass more of that knowledge on to the average Joe just picking up a gun for the very first time.

Keep in mind that none of my articles are meant to be a gun bible by any means, but rather the random thoughts of someone who’s passionate about going to the gun range with his 1911 or AR-15 and letting a few rounds rip for some fun.

If you have any stories you want me to share about your shooting experiences or want to drop me a line, please check out the contact page section and I’ll try to reach you as soon as I can.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by the site and I hope you enjoy your stay!